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Our pharmacies are designed to suit your community’s needs. Our professional and friendly administrative staff assist patients through each step of the process to find what they need. Our services include prescription filling, online refills, compounding, medical devices, mental health support, addiction management and diabetes services.

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905 603 6268


121 Wallstreet, Toronto, ON

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Contact us either by email or over the phone and our staff will respond to you as soon as possible!

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Our staff is here to ensure you get the personalized advice you need to live the healthiest possible life.

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Our staffs are happy to help regarding any questions you may have.

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Head Office

Assurance Medical
Corporate Headquarters
Suite 100 – 6610 Turner Valley Road
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
L5N 2P1
Phone: 905 – 285 – 0371
Fax: 905 – 285 – 0373

Office #2

First Nations Pharmacy
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Phone: 905 – 285 – 0371
Fax: 905 – 285 – 0373